Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 14 days
Location: Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Qeshm, Shiraz, Ahvaz

Starting From $862,00

This trip has been planned for our company’s winter program. Traveling through southern Iran in the winter can be exciting. As your friends are shivering in the cold and are wearing their thick winter clothes, you can swim in the Persian gulf or roam around wearing your summer clothes. This trip’s notable feature is the fact that you will be constantly passing through hot and cold areas and will experience different weathers in your route.
Distance Traveled: 215 KM
Meals: Breakfast

After arriving in Ahvaz in early morning, our professional guide will be waiting for you with an
exclusive vehicle (which will be selected based on the number of people in the group) and a driver;
our team will accompany you throughout the entire trip. After leaving the airport we go straight
to the hotel and have breakfast. Then after a short rest we head towards the Shadegan lagoon.
Riding boats in the Shadegan lagoon in the warm weather of southern Iran can be an exciting
experience. After that we will return to Ahvaz and in the afternoon we have the Ahvaz city tour.

• Ahvaz is the provincial capital of the Khuzestan province in south west Iran; Its population are mostly either Arab or Persian.
Ahvaz is known for its friendly people, hot weather and delicious falafels.
Distance Traveled: 315 KM
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast we go to north of Ahvaz. On the second day we see the 3200 years old ziggurat, ancient city of Shushtar with it’s amazing water supply system and also the 7000 years old city of Susa. Then we return to Ahvaz.

• Ziggurat of Choghazanbil is one of the few standing ziggurats in the world, this building is the first world heritage site registered in Iran and is especially important for UNESCO.

• Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System in the tenth world heritage site registered in Iran and was completed over the course of a thousand years. The unique engineering and the sheer size of it will amaze you.
Distance Traveled: 560 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After Breakfast we head towards Shiraz, before arriving in Shiraz and around Kazerun, there is the
ancient city of Bishapur which contains epigraphies, statues and the remains of the ancient stone
city of Bishapur. After visiting Bishapur we continue our way towards Shiraz. At night we visit the
tomb of Hafez (Hafeziyyeh) and the tomb of Saadi (Saadiyyeh) which is very attractive in the night.
Then we return to the hotel.
Distance Traveled: 300 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

In the morning, after having breakfast first we visit the Qavam Orangery and Nasir ul-Mulk mousque, then we set out for Marvdasht to visit the ancient complexes of Persepolis, Pasargadae and Naqsh-e Rostam. We return to Shiraz at night.

• Persepolis was an ancient settlement in southern Iran and one the capitals of the Achaemenid empire. It has been built by Darius the great after whom his son Xerxes and his grandson Artaxerxes expanded the complex. This place was registered as a world heritage site in 1979.
Its architecture was derived from different nations under Achaemenid rule such as Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Medians, Scythians, etc...
Persepolis contains several palaces, of which the most famous are: Apadana, Tachara, Hadish, Queen’s palace and the hall of 100 columns.

• Nasir ul-Mulk is an Qajar era mosque in Shiraz near Shah-e Cheragh, it is also called “The Pink Mosque” due to excessive use of this color throughout the design. Tile work wise it is one of the most valuable buildings in Iran. This mosque is also famous for its beautiful colored glasses which create beautiful and colorful rays of light in the morning, giving the mosque’s interior a unique, unforgettable look.
Distance Traveled: 560 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After having breakfast we head towards the beautiful island of Qeshm, on the way we will see palm groves and also Evaz cisterns and the Abbasi bridge in Lar. Then we go to Qeshm island using ferries and at night we have the Qeshm city tour.
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast we go see the exciting sights of Qeshm, some of which are totally unique and can not be found anywhere else in the world. Such as: Kharbas cave, Naz islands, valley of stars, sea jungle of Hara which it’s trees have their roots in the ocean and Qeshm castle.
Local entertainment in Qeshm includes fishing, diving and swimming.

• Qeshm is a huge island located in Hormuz strait in Southern Iran, It was a separate kingdom under Portuguese protection for centuries but was reconquered by Safavids. Its inhabitants are Persian speaking Sunnis which is rare elsewhere in Iran.
This Island has numerous natural and historical attractions due to its strategic location and wonderful geography.
Qeshm is a duty-free zone, thus it is also a major destination for domestic travelers.
Meals: Breakfast

We travel to the Hengam island and enjoy activities such as riding boats, visiting the wild dolphins and the silver beach, shopping in the traditional bazaar and then we return to Qeshm.
Distance Traveled: 600 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

We head towards Kerman after having breakfast. On the way to Kerman we visit the city of Bandar Abbas and also the city of Sirjan and it’s stone garden. Then we arrive in Kerman and go to the hotel.
Distance Traveled: 220 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast we will visit the beautiful city of Mahan to see the Shah Nematollah Vali complex and the Shazdeh Garden, then we go to either Shahdad desert or the city of Rayen (which hosts the great fortress of Rayen) based on your choice.
Distance Traveled: 510 KM
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast we do the Kerman city tour and visit Ganj Ali Khan complex. Next we set off for Yazd, visiting the ancient city of Meymand on the way.

• Ganj Ali Khan complex consists of: A square, Bazaar, School, Mint and most importantly the Ganj Ali Khan Bathhouse. Which is famous for its moarraq, 7-colored, and brick mosaics with human pictures. The water supply system and the technology used to warm up the bathhouse and the way the water resevoirs are sealed are the notable features of this bathhouse.

• Ancient town of Meymand, is a hand-dug 3000 years old settlement and is considered to be one of the first human habitats in Iran. It consists of several man-made caves used as homes and business places which is in use even today. Fundamental harmony with nature in local culture is the reason why this village
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast we visit the city of Yazd which hosts the Zoroastrian fire temple, Grand mosque of Yazd, museum of water which shows the wonders of qanat system, Amir Chakhmaq complex,
Alexander’s prison, old city of Yazd, Zoroastrian towers of silence, etc...

• The city of Yazd has provided good living conditions for thousands of years despite being in one of the hottest deserts in the world and low levels of precipitation and no grasslands; all of this was possible because of the city’s complicated ways of obtaining and storing water and cool air, plus acquiring fertilizer and enabling agriculture. Discovering these ancient knowledge can provide you an exciting day.
Distance Traveled: 320 KM
Meals: Breakfast

Setting off for Meybod and visiting the city of Meybod which has the Narin fort, ancient glacier, Shah Abbasi caravansary, Kabutar Khaneh and the clay and ceramics workshop of Meybod. Then we head for Nayin and then Isfahan and visit its famous bridges.

• Narin fortress belongs to the pre-Isalmic Parthian era. There is a trench around it which some of its tunnels stretch for a Parasang. This 7-storey fortress has an area of 3 hectares and has lots of towers and gates, it is placed on a hill which overlooks Meybod.
Meals: Breakfast

On this day we go visit the Naqsh-e Jahan complex, Grand mosque of Isfahan, Chehel Sotun mansion, Hasht Behesht and the beautiful Vank church.

• Naqsh-e Jahan complex, built by Shah Abbas in early 17th century, has four magnificent buildings on all sides linked by a series of two-storied arcades, the site covers 90,000 square meters and is known for the Shah Mosque, the Mosque of Sheykh Lotfollah, the magnificent portico of Qaysariyyeh Bazaar and Ali Qapu, each worthy of hours of exploration. It is a blend of art, religion and economy. There are four bazaars on the sides which offer a vast range of well-made Iranian handicrafts.
Airport transfer and leaving Iran in early hours of the day.

We offer this trip in two different set of prices, The economic plan in which accommodation is planned in 3-star hotels, and the luxury plan with 4 and 5-star hotels.

Number of Passengers Room Type Price Per Person (USD)
Economy Class Luxury Class
1 ~ 3 Double or more 2069 2585
1 ~ 3 Single 2913 3913
4 ~ 8 Double or more 1547 2011
4 ~ 8 Single 1987 2709
9 ~ 14 Double or more 1158 1547
9 ~ 14 Single 1586 2241
15 ~ 25 Double or more 1014 1376
15 ~ 25 Single 1428 2069
26 ~ 40 Double or more 862 1203
15 ~ 25 Single 1276 1894

Tour Attribute

  • Accommodation & Breakfast
  • Airport transfers
  • Drinking water in the vehicle
  • Entrance fees (Optional)
  • Iranian Visa
  • Lunches
  • Snacks
  • Tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel insurance (Optional)

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